Heavy Equipment Needed

The Environmental Design Company/treemovers will meet with us in Mayor Viator’s Youngsville Office this Monday, Feb. 7th.  Included in the meeting will be Entergy, Centerpoint, Robbin Dufor of Cecil Perry contractors, Raymond Reaux of Fenstermaker.  Plans for moving the tree are underway.

If anyone has contact with large equipment operators that are willing to donate as in-kind contributions, please contact us as soon as possible. Acadiana is known for their ability to rally together to get the job done. The following is needed:

  • Drill pipe 7″ 1/2″ wall or more 55- 45′ long joins
  • 60,000 pound tracked hoe with hammer one week
  • 8k high reach fork lift one week
  • extend a hoe back hoe one week
  • oil field mats one week poss.2
  • modular transporter to carry tree 1or 2 days
  • tree trimming, spraying and feeding 3 times
  • dump truck w/op 2 days supplied to transport spoils

This is a big endeavor with little time afforded us and big costs facing us.  Anyway you can participate to see this awesome Oak, the heritage of Acadiana, be saved from the AX for a TEMPORARY ROAD for 30 working days while the roundabout is under construction, please contact –

Sarah Schoeffler, Chair TreesAcadiana, Guardian of the Oaks – 337-234-4042, 288-0426 or email Sarah
David Begneaud, TreesAcadiana Board, Guardian of the Oaks – 337-230-6488

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