Trees Now Grace Garfield Street

TreesAcadiana President Sarah Schoeffler provides instructions on the planting process.

Thanks to a hundred volunteers and the diligent organizing, the corridor between Garfield and the railroad tracks has been transformed into a hammock of 38 native trees.  “I was expecting smaller trees.  These are nice sized trees!” commented Jennifer Sevrendsen, who helped with the volunteer efforts.  “These will be beautiful come spring.”

Additionally citrus trees were planted on the west side of Garfield.  The project saw every tree in the ground within 90 minutes, following instructions given to the group before they started.   Sarah Schoeffler, TreesAcadiana President shared “In keeping with the Building Green Cities Workshop idea of revitalizing older neighborhoods, TreesAcadiana focused its efforts this Arbor Day Trees in the Freetown Port Rico Neighborhood as the beginning of a Linear Park/Buffer Zone along the rail road tracks.”

Volunteers line up and sign in before the tree planting begins.

A few sprinkles did not deter the progress and in fact, more rain would be welcome. The project included watering all the trees after they were planted and mulched.  Care was taken to build shallow levies around each tree to improve the water retention and help along the growing process. The traffic support from the Lafayette Police Department, assistance from Lafayette Fire Department in refilling the tanks  and accommodations offered by Ken and Deborah Simeral by opening their Warehouse at Garfield for helped make the morning outdoors pleasant for everyone.  The banner hung where volunteers signed up, “Building Green Cities, One Neighborhood at a Time.”  That’s what it’s all about.

Freetown residents and volunteers discuss and await their assignments, as the first of many trains roll past on the nearby tracks.

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