Youngsville Oak remains.

Youngsville’s Town Council voted to allow the Youngsville Heritage Oak to remain on Councilman Bernard’s property where it has thrived for over 250 years.  The Temporary Road will go in Mrs. Ginger Rabalais front yard.  Ginger has generously given this space at no charge to the City.

TreesAcadiana has been required by the Council to put $200,000 in a Youngsville Escrow account in order for this to happen.  We have the funds loaned to us, but need people to continue to purchase the Rodrigue prints so we can settle our debts for Saving this Magnificent Old Oak.  These funds will be used to pay additional engineering costs, for the temporary road onto and off-of Mrs. Rabalais property and restoring her property to its original conditions.  Any funds not used by the Council will be returned to TreesAcadiana who will use the funds to continue to plant Trees.

We have felt the issue of The Youngsville Oak has been more than just one Tree, that our public officials, engineers, developers, etc.  will take into consideration the beauty our Oaks have graced our land with for hundreds of years.  They were here to welcome all of us into South Louisiana.  That these wonderful trees have cleaned our air, held our land firm and homes protected during storms, they slow down flood run off, provided the cooling effects from the shade, habitat for birds and squirrels and provide a place of solace for mankind.  We hope our leaders will learn creative ways to design around them.  Think of the lost of not ever being able to look over our swamps and be able to see Old Growth Cypress that was sawed down at the turn of the 20th Century.  Hopefully our generation won’t leave the void of the Oaks as our legacy.

Please continue to donate: to the to purchase a print, or to to make a donation.

Thank you for Keeping Acadiana Treed!  And for all your support during and continuing onward with this mission.

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