Ideas to Celebrate Louisiana Arbor Day

  • Plant a tree with students –the more, the better!
  • Plan a brief program to call attention to the value of trees.
  • Take a picture of students planting a tree. Document with a photo and frame to memorialize. Designate the tree in honor of some person, event, concept or other.
  • Let students give a presentation on trees to each other or other groups.
  • Make a school announcement about Louisiana Arbor Day.
  • Promote students planting seedlings at home.
  • Coin or adopt a slogan to promote Arbor Day.
  • Plan a poetry or other writing contest to promote trees.
  • Ask the librarian to display books about trees.
  • Plan a poster or greeting card contest to promote trees.
  • Plan a unit of study on trees to coincide with the event.
  • Make a study of trees at your school: identify type, size, age, condition, etc. of trees on your campus.
  • Display art, posters and other materials related to trees.

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