Tree Seedlings available beginning 2011

With the beginning of each year, we are excited to offer tree seedlings be available for free to the public.

Volunteers are invited to help pot up tree seedlings in early/mid February on a Saturday morning from approx 9 am to noon at BVD near Vermilionville in Lafayette, LA. More details to follow on exact dates. Here’s a list of inventory to be expected. Plan your pick early and we’d love to see you for our seedling event.

Bald Cypress – Cherry Bark Oak – Cow Oak – Crabapple

Green Ash – Live Oak – Mayhaw – Nuttall Oak

Native Sweet Pecan – Persimmon – Red Maple

Red Mulberry  – River Birch – Shumard Oak – Wax Myrtle

White Oak – Willow Oak – Yellow Poplar

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