Trees play a critical role in our lives. Trees improve air quality, improve water quality, save energy, cut utility bills, reduce noise and reduce water runoff. Trees enhance property values and personal health. Trees make our towns and cities more attractive places in which to live, attracting more residents, more businesses and more tourists. Businessmen and women serve their own best interests when they conserve existing trees and support programs that plant more trees within their community.

Yet, only one tree is planted for every four trees that are removed in the average American city. TreesAcadiana is a tax-exempt, tax-deductible, non-profit corporation, that intends to turn this frightening statistic around for Lafayette and the surrounding Acadiana area. TreesAcadiana can reverse the net loss of trees and urban deforestation that has occurred as Lafayette has grown and developed in recent decades, by initiating systematic, permanent and year round tree planting programs on the public properties of the entire Acadiana area.

TreesAcadiana aims to accomplish what similar organizations in other Louisiana areas have done to improve their respective cities. Explicitly, the goal of TreesAcadiana is to plant 2,000 to 3,000 public trees annually.

You are invited to join with us in rejuvenating and recapturing the natural beauty of Acadiana. With your support, TreesAcadiana will start and sustain a systematic program of urban reforestation on public property. Our goal is nothing less than to make Acadiana one of the most beautiful and distinguished areas of the South, and of this country.